Battlefield: Hardline release date pushed back to 2015

BF Hardline

Later this year, you won’t see the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield games competing with each other. Instead, EA has pushed the release date of Battlefield: Hardline back until early 2015.

You might recall all the problems EA encountered during the initial release of Battlefield 4 in 2013. It had numerous bugs that rendered it nearly unplayable, including some major online latency issues that killed the online play. They eventually got it fixed, but many gamers were pissed off for having purchased a buggy game that obviously wasn’t ready for release. I’m guessing EA doesn’t want to repeat that mistake again.

Personally, I think the stalled release date is brilliant because it gives gamers just enough time to get good and tired of playing the same maps over and over in Call of Duty. I wouldn’t be surprised if your local GameStop doesn’t get a flood of trade-in Call of Duty games upon the release of the new Battlefield. That’s probably what I’m going to do!

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