GameStop PowerUp Rewards – Is it worth joining?

Power Up RewardsIf you’ve ever bought anything at GameStop, the clerks will always ask you a series of questions like offering insurance on the game, trying to get you to reserve an upcoming game, and joining their membership-based program called PowerUp Rewards. For $15 per year, you get a 10% discount on all used items, a 10% trade-in bonus on everything, a subscription to their monthly magazine which is actually pretty good, and the ability to earn rewards from points earned by making transactions in the store.

I have maintained an account for a couple of years now and am happy with the service. I’m not crazy about it, but I do like the magazine and in the long run I have at least made the $15 annual fee pay for itself in the form of trade bonuses and used game discounts. To really get the most from your account, keep an eye out for those “50% trade-in” bonus weekends that the stores run from time to time.

You need to buy and sell frequently to get the most out of this service.

I am the type of gamer that tends to play one or two games consistently until I finish them. If there’s a multiplayer option, I’m more likely to keep the game longer. With the way I play, I tend to finish most titles with a month or two and that’s why I almost never buy new games. When it comes to reselling, I could always get more money by selling the game on eBay or Amazon, but then I have to buy padded envelopes and go wait in line at the post office to ship them. GameStop at least softens the monetary blow by giving you points that can be used to get discounts, items, and so on. I was able to use enough points to renew my subscription last time, so it paid for itself plus I still have enough points to get a $5-10 coupon.

Since you get a 10% discount on used games and the membership costs $15, then one way to justify the membership is if you spend more than $150 on used games every year. If you trade in games, then also consider the additional 10% trade-in bonus which can really help on newer games where you get a couple more bucks rather than a few cents. Combine those two together and if you buy and sell a good bit, like I do, then by the end of the year you’ll be ahead. If you only occasionally buy games and never trade them in, then you won’t get much out of the account besides the magazine. You also won’t get much out of it if you buy a lot of new games since the 10% discount only applies to used ones.

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    Are you going to review the “Gamestop Credit Card” next?

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