RIP to my 80GB PS3

After nearly six years of dedicated service, my 80GB model PS3 finally died. I was playing Battlefield 3 when it suddenly turned itself off and the power light began blinking red. From then on, it would only turn on for a few seconds, then shut back off and the power light would blink. It wasn’t the dreaded YLOD (yellow light of death) but apparently the blinking red lights meant some kind of hardware failure.

I consulted a multitude of message boards and YouTube videos for how to fix my console. One suggestion was to get some new thermal compound and reset the heat sinks to the CPU’s on the motherboard. I tried that to no avail. I then was able to find a refurb power supply on eBay for just ten bucks but it didn’t fix the problem, either. I’m guessing it’s probably something on the motherboard that crapped out. I’ve already spent $15 trying to fix this thing won’t spend any more.

This is my first console to die, and I’m not real happy about it. I’ve got an Atari 2600 and an NES that both still work, but those systems are solid state whereas my PS3 was basically a custom built PC loaded with proprietary parts that are near impossible to diagnose on my own, and I’ve got over 15 years experience in the IT field. I suppose I can look forward to an equally short lifespan with my Xbox One. The system did last long enough for the next generation to come out, which seems almost intentional. Makes me wonder if Sony has some kind of remote kill switch to try and make people upgrade. #conspiracytheory




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